Our story

Haus of Botanica was founded by former fashion designer Alex, who previously worked for retailers in London and Sydney. With 15 years experience as a designer, Alex has developed a deep understanding of colours and textures, how to pull collections together, and how to design products with customers in mind. 

When Alex became a mother in 2017, she began to yearn for a change of pace. She followed her love of flowers by training as a florist at Pearson’s School of Floristry in Sydney, Australia, and initially set-up shop down-under. Originally from the English countryside, in late 2020, Alex and her family decided to move back to the UK to be closer to family, swapping beachside living for the rural countryside in Rutland. 

Passionate about creating beautiful things, Alex’s mission is to spread joy to people through flowers, and her dream is to have somewhere to host workshops and build a creative community.